Thursday, March 01, 2007

Demonstrating a Half Joke, Half Serious Exhibition

Not enough for you?
Come and you’ll get it

Kes katak, Kes lurj CuYcahandes
marti 4-in, 13:00
Komitasi ardzani mot

sksela blog

Demonstrating a Half Joke, Half Serious Exhibition
When: March 4 at 13:00
Where: meet near Komitas statue

With Barekendan, it began.

“Sksel a” is now back at it and this time, just don’t think too much about it and join us on Sunday, March 4th.

Still not enough for you?

“Sksel a” literally means it has begun. We are urging all Armenian citizens to get out and stand up for your rights.

Open your EYES and really SEE what is happening around you.

At our precedent event of Barekendan, we paraded throughout the streets calling out to people “wake up” after a long and passive winter. This coming Sunday we will continue our activities of stirring things up in civil society. The Parliamentary Elections are just around the corner in May 2007 and Armenian citizens really need to wake up and get involved if there is to be any changes for the better.

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