Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Traffic in Yerevan , Armenia

Well.Im doing blogging again , and this time the plot is a very interesting one. I would like to talk about the traffic in Yerevan , Armenia.I always knew how bad it was , abut now coming from the United States I realized how much it sucks.
So as we know in every civilized society there are traffic regulations, and obviously we have those regulations too. Lets say what is bothering me.
Lets start from the cars, you can see all kinds of cars , and contrast is just killing , very expensive ones and veeeeeery old soviet cars and trucks, that should have been out a long time ago. But still this is not a real problem we should admit it , first when you get one road to drive there are no lanes to follow your way, if the street is supposed to take 3 lanes in each direction , now its a bizzare situation, its just like a crowd, cars are going in a messy way even crossing the massive lines of the roads, who cares????
And plus to this there is no speed limit, so can you picture that road?? No lanes , no speed limits, no rules, so driving here just makes you sick , and if the pedestrian wants to cross the street in a appropriate place there can be a car right in that place , he is waiting for the red light to go, WHAT THE FUCK , he is not supposed to be there so the cars are going , people cross the street wherever they want, and its getting a one huge massive mass. Oh yeah, even in one way street you have no guarantee that you wont be hurt from the other side, so youd better be secure and careful.
As we all know there are special parking spots at the streets , but in Armenia it is parking spot everywhere, you can park your car wherever you want, NO FINE TICKETIf you want you can park even on a sidewalk, we should admit this one is just over control.
And in this whole fucked up situation , obviously there are some policemen at the streets, they are there for hunting, but now following the rules. If accidentally you are not lucky that day and your car is getting towed, you just give 1 or 2 $ to him , and you are all set, so as you see the corruption works really good over here. MONEY DOES EVERYTHING HERE, YOU HAVE IT , YOU GOT IT.
No seatbelts are required in Yerevan , there are no laws against it. You should be 16(how I know) to get a license, but you can drive underage too if you have money.
Oh and lets talk about the amazing public transportation in Yerevan , its just unique , no other country has such attraction, thats just killing me. We have all kinds of transportations, buses, micro buses(marshutka), trolley buses, subway and the rails of trains , but the trains dont exist just the rails, so ridiculous . You can get everywhere in a city with public transportation , and it costs 25 cents, what about the buses they are not that bad, I mean they are old , but anyways, but when the case is coming to the micro buses , I need to take a breathe right here. Ok so let me go on telling the details, those are small buses , which are the most popular in the country. So technically there are like 15 seats in the damn bus, but it cares 35 people at the same time ,so if you are smart enough go figure. It is so self humiliating to ride those buses , because you cant feel the parts of your own body, and somebody else can be on you literally you can feel their bodies . Where is the personal space , is so humiliating. There are no specific stops for those buses people can stop them whenever and wherever they want, like in every corner, even in the middle of the street, so if you are brave enough just get out of that fuckin machine. Oh the drivers those should be in museums , they are just so different and unique in their way, the rudeness of those has no limits. So basically its a struggle to ride a bus, if you are smart enough you will place your body in that self humiliating car. After all this safe ride
Oh yeah and the roads , I forgot this important factor, they are just miserable, its like a roller coaster to drive , there are halls everywhere, especially out of downtown area , ph my god when this country is gonna be a country. There is always a budget for such things , but the ministers take this money and build a house for themselves on that roads, a very nice palace for their own , just not giving a fuck about the people. They do what they want. Where you can see such things? Thats why Im saying that this not a country, its just absurd to call this a country, this just a geographic space where a ethnic group of people live , oh it was too much , to survive , this is the right word.
Im not exaggerating anything , everybody is welcome to Armenia to see all this staff with their own eyes. Come on in , this is an amazing place to be , to entertain yourself seeing all these ridiculous thingsCome on in


At 26 October, 2006, Blogger akhtamar said...

Hi Pradafreak :)

I wanted to say firstly, I appreciate your post. You are being really honest and it is quite apparent that you are totally willing to just say it and get it out there. For that, I commend your efforts and only encourage you to continue to speak up and say what’s on your mind.

Now in regards to what you are saying, sure you are right! Public transportation is awful in the sense that marshutkas are not the most pleasant way of getting around. I don’t understand why people get on marshutkas where they see that it’s totally full and they somehow squeeze themselves inside. Are they really in that much of a rush to get somewhere? I refuse to get on a marshutka which is way too full. I want a seat so I will wait for a marshutka which is less full to come my way. There’s one solution.

So yea you recognize that traffic is awful, cars do not stop at red lights and park in all the wrong places… as I mentioned in my last post, you have to run across the street in order not to get hit by cars. Police on top of that do not “act as law enforcement officials” but rather “law violating officials”. Yea, a big problem. And does not make it very easy for a law-abiding society to exist. It does not make it easy for law and order to prevail. And these problems within “the system” are rotten components that are traceable all the way to the top.

So what does that mean? Do you give up? I mean you write towards the end, Come in Armenia with such a sarcastic tone of voice and I understand why. However, there are a few solutions…

You can (a) continue to complain and complain and complain until your face is blue. (b) escape and leave Armenia and go somewhere else because it is the easier path or (c) do something about it. I am challenging you. What are you going to do about it?

all the best, Tam

At 26 October, 2006, Blogger Pradafreak said...

well, you know i just said whatever i had to say.Talked to people so many times about such kinda staff , but nothing is happening. I posted this bolg just to see the reality thats it, but now i;m being very honest and straight with you , i;m not going to change anything, and should leave for United States soon. I know what u gonna say here like " Everybody thinks that way , thats why the situation is like this". But anyways i just said what i noticed, just dont like to sugarcoat the staff, as many armenians do when they come to America. They describe Armenia as a perfect place to be , so americans are getting in a bizzare situation and ask "If your country is so good , what are you doing here?" And after this dead silence.
I will say just one thing to everybody " Admit the reality and if there are negative things , dont hide them."

At 26 October, 2006, Anonymous Chris said...

Ever been to a trailor park in the U.S.? Or the inner city?

Look what we have here ladies and gentlemen:

Another American who has the impression that his country represents the civilized world.

Big surprise.

At 28 October, 2006, Blogger Pradafreak said...

Just for a record i'm not american

At 31 October, 2006, Anonymous Hernan said...

Akhtamar, only 2 words...."EXCELLENT COMMENT!!!"

At 23 November, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

everything you have written is true, i completely agree with you, but what i hate is that people leaving armenia love to complain of different things and compare it with the stuff they've seen abroad. and the others have to stay in armenia and struggle. yeah, for me it would be very easy too to leave this country and then criticize as much as possible. but now that i live in armenia, i have a pain in my heart. yeah, i see the problem but i see it with pain and not like someone passing by.

At 24 November, 2006, Blogger akhtamar said...

you know at the same time there is this to consider. until when will these people have to continue enduring such pain? Armenians hardly smile on the streets, but once you enter their homes and their lives, you see how HAPPY they are. there is a different meaning of happiness in which people are not happy from materialistic wealth and such.

so on the other hand, yes there is much to see and there is much pain, but until when shall we continue to look at it this way? Everyone has a role to play in society and everyone can contribute to "making this pain go away". And it starts with the smallest things...

what pains me is to think when the Armenian youth only think of their future and think of future pain. When everyone thinks about their own situation, there is much sadness, many wrong mistakes you've made and much pain in everyone's lives. So I suggest to stop focusing on sadness and pain which everyone does and let's live with what we have, and be appreciative of it all within its context.

At 25 November, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when you feel the pain, it helps you to take some steps. i tell you to sit down and cry. but writing something in such a tone is not a solution, too. it's like making fun of the people living in armenia. and they have no other choice. they should take those ugly marshutkas to get to the places they want. i want to talk about something else. do you know how many people die because of the traffic of yerevan? it's not funny, it's a tragedy!
well, what can we do? what can we do in a country where the government can do everything without being punished? leaving the country is not a solution. but the least i do because of this traffic, i cross the street in the proper place when there is green light. at least i know that if i die when crossing the street, it won't be my fault...

At 28 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read the article about traffic in Yerevan. Well it is the reality. And many times I wanted to write about this by myself or just shout trough all marshutka that it's enough to laugh at people in this way giving them this cheep service of transportation. But parallel with all this feelings that I had, I had to use marshutka to move from one place to another. Tam suggested to not sit marshutka if you see there is no place and to wait for the one which will have free sits. My dear do you know what does mean to go out from work, tiered and have crazy wish just one minute before to get home? So how long will you wait??? With me it happened I was waiting 1 hour! And that is not for the reason I wanted to sit, no I just wanted the appropriate marshutka to take me home.(can you imagine what does mean to wait so long in winter?)So in the end you really give up because you feel that you are not able to change anything in this situation. It's really big thing at least if you can change the terrible music in this marshutkas. Well I don't want to compare Armenia with other countries cause everywhere you go you'll find something you will not like, but I want that the government which has the power to change things, finely do something good for this people.

At 29 January, 2007, Anonymous Yerevantsi said...

I love Armenia it's the most wonderful country and doesn't matter what kind of traffic it has because one day it will be changed for sure. Remember who were Europeans, and from where are coming their roots! They were barbarians! so don't give up and no need to write something like this and present all country in such dark colors cause near to this there are many nice things that in all USA and all over the world you will never find but only in Armenia. As to people that were described as an ethnic group of people, well there are many nations in the world but till now I haven't met a nation who has so much JAN U JEGEAR, KAROT U SER, in their hearts than Armenians. This people like humanity, in which country you can sit with your neighbor and talk about life or anything else that you worry about? NOWHERE, because all others don't care of your problems or feelings or thoughts.
Anyway, everything bad is temporary but the GOOD is the only reason that makes things to move and grow. WISH YOU GOOD LUCK HAYASTAN JAN!

At 29 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend sent me your topic and asked what I think about it. So I wrote her my opinion and writing now for you. I will write in Armenian and as you are Armenian and know so much about Armenia I am sure you will understand it.
Gites, ete ayd kartsiq@ grer mek@, vor@ metsacel u aprel e Hayastanum es inch vor tex khaskanayi, bayc vor grum e mek@, vor@ havanabar shat karch jamanakov e haytnvel Hayastanum, ay da es chem haskanum.
Es tsnvel u metsacel em Hayastanum u shat hpart em vor hay em. Ete indz henc hima USA viza el tan es hastat chem lqi im hayreniq@ en mardkanc nman, ovqer mi por haci hamar kam el djvarutyunneric xusapelu hamar toxnum paxnum en u hascnum en mi qani orum moranal vor irenq erbeve hay en exel. Es miayn te chem haskanum te vortexic e qo mej aydqan charutyun u zaytruyt kutakvel. Aprum es USA-um, erjanik es, de sharunakir aydpel, isk Hayastan@ aranc qo siro el hastat yola kgna. Yuraqanchyur iravichaki kareli e erku tesankyunivc nayel, bayc qo mot da miakoxmani e. En inch vor du grel eir, anshusht dra mej chshmartutyun kar, bayc voch bolorn er chisht u ete du der Hayastanum es, petq e gone nkateir vor shat popoxutyunner en exel henc traffici het kapvats. Qo grats@ mard karduma, u nenc tpavorutyuna vor hayer@ barbarosner en. USA-um amen inch kataryala? Gone inch inch, bayc es im voxj aprats kyanqum der chem hishum mi depq vor haci sexanbi shurj nstac inch vor hay enpes qit maqri vor myusneri axorjak@ pakvi. Bayc amerikacineri mot da lava stacvum u dzez da shat dura galis che? U eli shat orinakner karam berem bayc kartsum em vor 5 rope mtates du inqd el shat ban khishes.
Bayc che qo nmanner@ sirum en miayn qnnadel u hervic sirel irenc hayerniq@ (ete iharke sirum en). Dzez hamar aveli lav e amerikacinerin tsarayeq u inchvor verjin kargi mardik linenq qan te gaq dzer hayreniq u mi qich uxexnerd ashxatacneq u apreq. Bayc da el karevor chi, amen mard inqn e @ntrutyun anum. Miayn te xndranqs ayn e vor pordzeq tekuz ev hervic sireq dzer hayreniq@ u chamacheq vor hay eq.
Hakarak depqum dzer nersi tuyn@ miayn dzez e vnas talu.
Isk Hayastan@ aranc dzel e ktsaxki u kbargavachi.

At 10 February, 2007, Blogger Pradafreak said...

Pathetic........I wish you happy struggle...

At 16 September, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lriv hamadzayn em qo het(Anonymous), ev kavelacnem vor arden ayd xeloqi nshac problemneric shatery lucvel en ev mnacacn el yntacqi mej en ev shutov klucven.
Ev iroq inch vitshakum el vor Hayastany lini mek e USA-n himarneri tvov misht araj e Hayastanic. Ev mi qich normal mardy (Hay) erazuma vor veradarna, es andzamb shat mterimner unem USAum ev uxaki erazum en te erb en galu HAYASTAN!!!!!!!!!

At 20 February, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People, people... It started good but we could not keep it civilized at the end and that is what civilized means not how one cleans their nose, etc. Millions of people live in Armenia and in the U.S. and we cannot paint them with such a broad brush. Also, when you are defensive, it shows what is being said is true. The first step to fixing a problem is to recognize it. I have not been in Armenia since 1987, but I don't have to be there to know what is going on. Lawlessness is the same no matter what country you live in. Armenia is what people are that live in Armenia. The Armenians deserve the leaders they've got. Every country deserves what it has and I am not just talking about Good or Bad. I mean everything. It is what it is and complaining will never solve anything whatsoever. It is fine to express frustration but I think we should understand, even while we complain, that it is not going to do anything except make it more difficult for ourselves. After all it all depends how you look at a situation. As I said I have not been in Armenia for a long time, but I don't think it matters because here in the U.S there are millions of things we can complain about if we look around. I don't claim to have a solution for any of the ailments Armenia has, but what I can do is not be part of that ailment. That's all I can do. That is my contribution. No complaining, no blaming, no comparing. I have what I have. It is my piece to cultivate. I'd better do a good job of it because piece by piece by piece is seen as a whole. You and I are not separate from all that is bad and all that is good. You are the Armenian society and not separate. Separating ourselves from what is, is the cause of our anguish and want and desire and frustration. Regardless where you live because if you are at war inside, it does not really matter. Thank you.


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