Friday, July 07, 2006


I think there are very few people, who think there is no need of changes in Armenia. Almost every Armenian, almost every day says a bad thing about the whole Armenian nation. For example how impolite they are, how rabiz they are, how corrupt the government is and how everything is bad. However, almost every one who says such things is doing the same things he is complaining about. For example if you ask a man who has just crossed the street at the wrong place about the traffic in Yerevan, he will complain about the owners of Hummers and BMs who drive very fast. He will not even think for a moment that he has also just broken the law. In Armenia every one wants the law to act but no one cares about it and if in Ovir someone asks you for a bribe your not even trying to figure out if it is legal to give 1000 AMD for some dimum. You are just giving that 1000 dram to avoid wasting time. That is not how fair Societies were build. If you want changes, fairness and law, first you have to force yourself not to break the law and than follow that others do not do the same. However, it is easier to blame someone else and show that s/he is breaking the law than to force ourselves not to do the same. In Armenia there is an impression that every one has tired of every thing. There is an impression that no one would stand and fight to change even a little, concerning their every day life. No one would say anything to the driver who stopped his car in the middle of the walkway in the street, s/he will turn around the car and continue passing the street in dangerous place and wont even try to look at the drivers dull animal face staring at you. In Armenia there is a weak belief that s/he is able to protect his/her own rights with the help of struggling for those rights. Well in some point they are disappointed and others can understand them. However, many changes depend just on us. We can change many things but do not want to bother ourselves with such kind of things.


At 08 July, 2006, Blogger Aram Krikorian said...

Dear Che,

I usually do not like to quote people, but I am especially fond of this simple quote:

"You cannot build peace on empty stomachs and misery." - Norman Borlaug

Borlaug is the Green Revolution guy, and he is credited for saving about 1 billion lives because of his work.

In Armenia, I don't know how we can teach fairness, obedience of the law, etc., when there is so much poverty and misery.

That is why I am always thinking of ways to invigorate the Armenian economy - because a decent standard of living is the only hope of changing this.

I know there are many hole in what I am about to say but here it is: There are corrupt judges who are already wealthy and want more, and there are corrupt judges who need to pay for bread. Give him bread, and he will not be corrupt.

Take care Che,

At 08 July, 2006, Anonymous Սահակ said...

Լավ կլիներ որ մեր հայ ջահելությունը սկսեր հայերեն խոսել և գրել։

At 10 July, 2006, Blogger akhtamar said...

Sahak jan

ayo hamamit em. Sagayn es hodvadz@ anklerenov krvadz e. isk nakhkin hodvadzner kan vor hayerenov krvadz en. khntrum em vor aytcelek

Hayerenov yev anklerenov hodvadzner karogh ek desnel ays kaykum.



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