Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Havlabar, the Armenian quarter in Tbilisi

It seems that no matter where you go in this world, you will find an Armenian. Well maybe almost anywhere. In Tbilisi, everyone knows there is a huge Armenian population. And it seemed as though everywhere I went, I was speaking more Armenian than I thought I would …

So we ventured off to Tbilisi last week to welcome our new EVS volunteers to CSI. I thought that I would be able to practice the little Russian that I have been learning while I have been in Armenia. I would signal for a cab and use my two words of Russian that I knew. Then, their next question would be- “Are you Armenian?”
the Armenian Church in Havlabar

Ironically, every time I tried to speak Russian, people would respond to me in Armenian. So much for trying to speak Russian!

Here is a woman whom we asked where a certain place was and she took us all the way to the location. After that, she kept asking us questions and turned out she was Armenian as well... a very adament and persistent Armenian at that!

Havlabar, “the Armenian section”

Next stop is the city of Batumi which is where many Armenians go to take a vacation. Turns out most restaurant owners and entrepreneurs there are Armenian as well. Will report on that soon!


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