Friday, May 05, 2006

Mourning Continues for Relatives and Friends Armavia Plane Crash in Sochi

In a country so small and with the communities and neighbors so familiar with one another, it is hard for everyone not to be mourning and in grief over such a tragic accident which occurred early morning on May 3rd.

My deepest sympathies to all those families and friends who have been affected…

Besides the many different news stories featuring this tragic event, the Armenian blogs are adding a different element to the news sources. There is that element of human reaction and emotion within many of the blogs.

See Global Voices Online for a roundup of the blogs regarding the Armavia plane crash.

Besides the blogs which were quoted on Global Voices Online, others have also followed up with their sympathies and reactions. Here are some of them...



Martuni or Bust!!!

Voch Me Ban


Iron Ladle


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