Friday, May 05, 2006

More problems with Armenian planes

As the media and television stations are consistently airing updates and news regarding the Armavia A-320 crash in Sochi, there is yet another news that they are just beginning to report--

2 Armavia planes were burnt in Belgium airport

in Armenian...

in English

According to PanArmenian news, four planes were burnt early morning on May 5th and 2 of them were A320 planes which were Armenian.

Two Armenian A-320 Burnt in Belgian Airport
05.05.2006 20:49 GMT+04:00
/PanARMENIAN.Net/ May 5 night fire broke out in the airbase of Sabena-Technique Belgian company. As result 4 A-320 planes including two Armenian ones burnt. One plane belonged to Armavia national carrier, the other – to entrepreneur Versand Hakobyan. The Armenian planes were undergoing servicing in Belgium, reported IA Regnum.


At 05 May, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't this mean that Armavia has preciously little (if any) A-320s left? If I am not mistaken, Armavia only has three or so A-320s.

At 05 May, 2006, Blogger ArmYouth Blog said...

Not sure.
But the news story says that only 1 of the two planes which were burnt was an A-320 belonging to Armavia

In any case, it's also not very good news for future flyers with Armavia. I know many people are now becoming skeptical of flying with the plane company.

At 05 May, 2006, Blogger ArmYouth Blog said...


"2 Armavia planes were burnt in Belgium airport"

should read:

"2 Armenian planes were burnt in Belgium airport"

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