Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Another opportunity - this one is open to Armenian Diasporans and Armenians living in Armenia.

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The Center for Organizing Youth Activities with the financial assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs of RA is implementing a project of “School for Young Leaders”.

The aim of the School is to assist the youth in the development of knowledge, worldviews, value system and especially the leadership skills. The students will be taught the Basics of Leadership; Rhetoric; Political Propaganda Skills; Value System vs. Politics; Alternative Ways of Armenia’s Development, etc. The teaching staff consists of highly qualified professionals, including prominent social and political figures.

The School is open to persons aged from 19 to 35 from Armenia and Diaspora. The education at the School is free of charge. The start date is May 15. The courses take place in Yerevan twice a week at evening hours.

The full course length is one year which is divided into four stages. A certificate is given at the end of each stage. The best graduates of the School are going to be involved in the projects, implemented by the Ministry, have opportunities of participating in international seminars or other programs and trainings at the state offices.

To apply to the first group of 2006-2007 academic year please fill out free application and recommendation forms. The application and recommendation forms are available at the following addresses 22 Saryan St., 16-th floor; 8 Tumanyan St., Room N 526, or can be downloaded from the following link:

Application deadline is May 02, 2006, 15:00.

For more information call us 01053 81 98, 010 54 73 66 or e-mail


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