Friday, April 21, 2006

International Students protest death of Indian YSU student

“We want justice!” voiced the international students gathered in front of the National Assembly yesterday, April 20th. I had actually made it to the protest by the night time to try to see what was going on. There were two-three hundred students when I had arrived.

As the students explained to me, an Indian student from the medical school at Yerevan State University had fallen out of the building. There are many different versions of the story going on. According to the students I spoke to, he was still living after having fallen from the 6th floor and his friends had called the ambulance for help. The ambulance came 45 minutes later and without being properly equipped to help save this student’s life. The student passed away soon after.

Armenia Liberty currently has the news in Armenian.

According to the article, he was between 20-22 years, even though according to the students I talked to, he was 19 years old, either way, he was still young.

I find this article and peoples’ attitudes towards these students’ protests problematic primarily because they were not just Indian students gathered in front of the National Assembly to protest this tragedy. In fact, if one looks in the pictures from this event in most of these news stories, there are many other students from various countries. The people I talked to yesterday included not just Indians but Syrians, Nepalese, Iranians and Chinese students. I guess this goes to show how these people feel there is no need to differentiate among these different groups of people. Even more discrimination and ignorance which continues to show the ignorance on behalf of Armenians if you ask me.

What is even more disappointing is the behavior and attitude of Rector Gohar Kjalyan in response to these students’ protests. The students had all gathered together after learning of their friend’s death to protest to the Rector. The Rector gave them the middle finger and told them to- well, I think you know what I mean. Posted on the fence of the National Assembly were posters claiming “Shame on Rector”.

Discrimination and racism on many different levels- not just on behalf of the hospital and emergency services but on behalf of the news sources as well. Quite a sad and tragic story.

A1+ also reported this news in English.

Another article that actually distinguishes the protestors as “International students” and not simply “Indian students” can be found at ArmInfo.


At 26 April, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is really sad to hear this that armenians are behaving in such a way with their guests. really " shame on rector". all the guilty should be punished as soon as possible.

At 27 April, 2006, Blogger ArmYouth Blog said...

Really disappointing. But frankly, Armenians are not really well aware of all of these details. The media is not showing what is going on. There are hardly any Armenian television stations covering this, while some internet and print sources have provided just a bit of information. Yet there are SO many rumors going around of what has happened but what the Armenians I have spoken to do not know these details. Many people are saying, oh well he committed suicide so it does not matter and whatnot. Yet I would disagree. How or why he fell out of the window is not the most important part of this story that ARmenians should be concerned about. It is what happened afterwards that really should raise some eyebrows and voices among the citizens here.

Most importantly, I hope there is some investigation to understand what happened and where and when and that this is made to the public. I doubt that will happen though. Which is why this story continues to even more of a tragic and horrific story on behalf of the Armenian authorities and officials involved.


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